To start up the business of your company here you should follow some simple steps which will be helpful for you.

  • Register the Company : To do this, first register a private limited company online using articles of association or use a formation agent who will register your company.Now before you start, you will need the name of the company and its registered address, details of the directors, shareholders and share capital.
  • Name the company : Give your company a specific name for running your business. You need to follow some rules for selecting your business name.

- Don’t use sensitive words or expressions.

- Don’t be offensive.

- Recommend a connection with the Government.

- Must be a unique company name.

- Company name must be registered with trade mark.

  • Incorporate the company : First reserve the company name and then log on to incorporate your company to complete the company application for incorporation.Give some basic details for your company along with a minimum of three addresses types when incorporating a company. Tax registration is much more important where you have to register as an employer for a company IRD number when you incorporate your company with the Companies office. The IRD number will be received within 10 working days at the time of incorporation. Review your application and make payment to submit the application for incorporation.
  • Process of application and the Director and Shareholder consents :

Its an automatic process. An email will be sent to you within few minutes    with the consent forms properly signed by the directors and shareholders.

The final step is to upload the consent forms in any of the two methods : It could be scan and upload with proper format like .doc, .pdf, or .wpd or     it could be send by Fax. Once all the consent forms are returned then the company will be incorporated. The processing of the consent forms is checked by the document whether it is readable or not or whether its perfectly completed and signed.