Company formation often known as company registration is the process of business incorporation in the UK. These terms are used while incorporating a business in the Republic of Ireland.

Companies can be created by anybody. It could be an individual, agents, accountants or solicitors.

There some of the useful steps that helps in company formation---

  • Company Name : First make sure, while choosing a name for your company its important to check the availability. Its better to choose the company name search tool and check whether its available or not. If it is not, then try and make change to your company name to get the available one. Once done, give some specific description about the company and its activities and also make sure to give a specific domain name so that customers can easily locate and find your company on the internet.
  • Package : There are 4 standard packages available for your Company Formation Ltd. Try to get the best out of this great service which suits your requirement. Companies Limited by shares is the most popular one out of the standard packages. LLP and Limited by Guarantee company formation is also available.
  • Address Services : The list of services that you wish to add to your package will be shown to you. Among these are :
  1. Registered Office : An UK registered office address is essential to operate the business of your company.
  2. Service Address : In most of the limited companies, its mandated by the directors to provide their service address as well as residential address. The service address is used in the public record whereas the home address is hidden from public. Service address is the best option to protect your home.
  3. Business address : You can also promote your business by choosing any    one of these business addresses if it is found having business in London    or Glasgow.
  • Checkout : Don’t forget to check out our outstanding service and make your payment which suits you the best. You can use credit/debit card via secure payment page.
  • Complete : This is the final stage where at this point you will be given the details of your companies registered office, details of your company director and shareholder and will also have option to search the company formation for finding the information.