• Reviews : It is one type of data analysis which provides less assurance than full inspection but more than a compilation. What happens in review is that the auditor expresses little assurance that the firm’s financial statements doesn’t need any material modification for them to be in the compliance with standards, rules or laws with the provisions Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

In other words, review is just a formal assessment of something whose        intention is to detect and initiate a change if necessary.

  • Testimonials : Generally it means a written declaration that certifies a person’s character, conduct, value, excellence, etc., of a written statement of recommendation. It is one of the most powerful tool in business sector.

Having good reviews and testimonials can induce to at least consider doing business with you. On the other hand, good reviews on sites like Google Maps can help people to learn that what you going to offer from the list of competitors.

Two steps to be followed to get good reviews and testimonials :  

- Satisfy your customers and make them happy.

- Asking them to write testimonials or enter reviews online.