Is it possible to setup a UK limited company if i live outside the UK?

Yes, anyone can create a UK limited company. It is not essential that the   directors or the shareholders have to be the resident of UK but it is  necessary for the registered address to be in the UK.

If i live in Overseas, then how to provide the UK address for the registered office?

All the companies in the UK have registered address. We will give you a registered office for your company as the part of our Registration Agency Service which will allow the service of official resemblance from the authorities.

Will the details of my company be visible to public?

Yes, only when your company is registered in the Companies House which keeps track of all your records and details of your company. The  data which are visible to public includes names and addresses of directors and shareholders and also a document which is knows as     Articles of Association. The records also include the summary of annual returns. If there is any need of change regarding the details of address or    company name change, then for that its mandatory to communicate with Companies House.

How many people it takes to form a UK limited company?

Generally it takes one to form a company but there is no limit of how many people required for the formation. There should be one person who  will be the director and also can take responsibilities as a sole shareholder.

How many numbers of shareholder can a limited company have?

There is no limit however there must be one shareholder because company will not exist without a share capital.

What are the services needed if i live in overseas?

Seal of the company, Good standing certificate, Legal documents, Accountancy, Company secretary and Trademark registration.

What is Companies House?

The Companies House is the Government Agency in the UK who is responsible in maintaining public record information on all the UK          companies. They are also responsible for recording the incorporation of   UK companies.

What happens if i fail to submit my annual return to Companies House?

It is one type of criminal offence and in this case the directors can be charged up to 5,000 pounds.

When does the VAT registration required?

The company trading in the UK whose annual taxable supplies crosses 73,000 pounds, then VAT registration is applicable. You can also apply   for the VAT if the value of your taxable supplies is low. After the VAT registration you will have to charge 20% on your products and services but you can also retrieve VAT paid on purchases.

Do i need any accountant in the UK?

Yes only if your company is operating in the UK who will take the duties of your company affairs.

Is there any need of bank account in the UK?

Yes because you have to carry out business. Although, it is not recommended that your bank account have to be in the UK or with a UK       bank but according to the rules, your bank account can be in anywhere in   the world.

What information will complete my company formation?

Full name, Address, Date of Birth, Nationality, Occupation, Passport or   National ID card number, Phone number and Birthplace.