Confirmation Statement

Confirmation Statement is the general information regarding most of all the registered LLPs and the limited companies that exists in UK. Its an official record or legal agreement paper which provides Companies House with a photograph that shows the internal structure of a business at a specific date.

It is important for the LLPs and the Companies to deliver an Confirmation Statement once in a year to the Companies House. The Confirmation Statement’s purpose is to confirm the accurate information that is registered at Companies House.

Confirmation Statement Services:


    This service is meant for customers whose Confirmation Statement is required to be prepared and filed by us including the filling fee for Companies House.



    This particular service is for customers who desire to prepare and file their own Confirmation Statements including the filling fee for Companies House.


Confirmation Statement FAQS

What is Confirmation Statement?

Its an informal photograph or a snapshot that consist of general  information of company’s directors, shareholders, registered office  address, share capital, and financial statements which is filed by every active incorporated or registered organization with proper authority.

How frequently an Confirmation Statement be filed?

It is important for every companies that they must file an Confirmation Statement     once in a year to Companies House. The maximum days given for filing      the return must be within 28 days after the jubilee of incorporation.

What are the details needed to file my own Confirmation Statement?

The things needed are the Principal Business Activity where we will give you a list so you can choose out of them and the details of any changes to your shareholders.

How do you file your Confirmation Statement?

First thing you have to do is to register yourself to use the website and then get the authorization over that company. After this completion, then    search for the company then get the company authority and finally file    the Confirmation Statement and pay the Confirmation Statement filing fee.

Is it possible to buy the service if i did not form my company through Company Formation?

Yes you can. But for that you have to import your company into our system. Once you are logged in, then you can see the location of the import on your dashboard. After that you have to use your authentication code and the company number. The authentication code will be sent to the company’s registered office address and also you can reorder it if you do not have it.